No Dental Insurance? Try These Affordable Dentistry Options

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Are you one of the millions of Americans without dental insurance? Do you avoid making dental appointments because you worry about the cost? We understand.

At Carol Stream & Elgin Dental Associates, we want everyone to be able to have the dental care they need without fearing whether they can afford it or not. In this blog, we’ll highlight a few practical solutions you can get affordable dentistry for you and your family.

Before we tell you more about that, let’s talk about why it’s so important to get the dental care you need in the first place!

There’s more at stake than just your teeth.
Not getting necessary dental care doesn’t only affect your oral health; it also can damage your overall health.


Even when you follow a good oral hygiene routine at home and really scrub your teeth, it is still impossible to remove all the harmful bacteria in your mouth that causes decay.

Regular appointments with a professional hygienist are needed to deeply and thoroughly clean your teeth, remove plaque build-up, and prevent disease-causing bacteria from doing its worse.

If inflammation, a by-product of harmful bacteria, is allowed to build up, it can move from the mouth into the bloodstream and travel to vulnerable parts of your body. Studies cited by the Mayo Clinic show that inflammation can result in dangerous medical conditions, including:

Cardiovascular disease

Because of the importance of good oral and overall health, we want you to feel confident and worry-free about accessing needed dental care even if you don’t have dental insurance.


Here are a few affordable dentistry options for you to check out!

Get treatment today, pay tomorrow.
Most dentists’ offices ask for payment the same day that services are provided. It can be hard to cover the cost if the out-of-pocket expenses are high.

Some third-party options make it possible to provide monthly payments on your dental treatment, rather than having to pay all at once.

At Carol Stream & Elgin Dental Associates, we accept two convenient options that can help split up your dental payments. We accept:


All you need to do is simply fill out an application.

Then, you’ll get an instant credit decision!

You can set the terms of payments – amount and length of payment time – that work best for your circumstances.

Ask about an in-house dental savings plan.
Many dentists offer an in-house dental plan that for a small monthly fee offers coverage or discounts on dental services.

The best way to find out if you have a local dentist who offers one of these plans is to call their office and ask.

Make sure to get all the details of their plan and to choose an office that offers coverage for the services you will be using the most.

At Carol Stream & Elgin Dental Associates, we offer our very own dental savings plan. You can have access to affordable dental coverage – without the insurance hassle. The plan is simple, comprehensive, and affordable.

There are plans available for individuals and families.

What do you get?

100% coverage of preventive care, including cleanings, x-rays, and exams
10% to 20% discounts on other services, including orthodontics
Your benefits start immediately
There are no deductibles, copays, pre-approvals, or annual maximums
If you experience a dental emergency, our in-house dental savings plan even covers one emergency exam!

Get the details and see the savings for yourself!

Download Our Dental Plan Savings Brochure

Check out charities and state programs for free/low-cost services
There are local dental charities that provide free dental services for those who qualify. A few you can check in your area include:

Dental Lifeline– Provides free dental services for people 65 years old and over, or those who have permanent disabilities or serious medical conditions. It’s available in every state.
Mission of Mercy – Hosts free two-day dental clinics at fairgrounds, high schools, and other places in different states. It’s first come, first serve. Check out their website for any events in your local area and plan on getting there early!
Dupage County Health Department Dental Clinic – Programs offered by Community Health Services provide access to dental services for low-income residents of DuPage County who do not have dental insurance or access to care.
College of DuPage Dental Hygiene Clinic – Provides cleanings, x-rays, and bleaching for adults and children (ages 5 and up) at a reduced cost.
Start your coverage today!
If you’ve put off dental treatment because you didn’t have insurance, what are you waiting for? Try out some of the suggestions above.

You’ve got nothing to lose but painful cavities and the prospect of some serious health problems!

If you have any questions about our cost-savings dental plan, contact or call our Carol Stream or Elgin offices today. We will be more than happy to help you get you started on a regular schedule of affordable dental care.

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