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Expertly serving smiles to Carol Stream and Elgin, IL.

Combining for a Complete Dental Experience

We specialize in caring for your teeth and gums for improved overall health.
Dr. Peter Katris speaking to one of our patients while she sits in the chair

Although our team is spread over two office locations, we share a unity and bond that transcends dentistry. Our dentists view each other as family, enjoying close relationships and buying into our patient-first philosophy. Together, we combine our various skills, training, and expertise to provide an all-encompassing dental experience. Therefore, our offices are equipped to provide all forms of dentistry, so you can enjoy:

We genuinely offer everything your family needs for optimal oral health and smiles you’ll constantly want to show. Whether you visit us in Carol Stream or Elgin, you are presented with an array of services, our unique approach, and dentistry provided by some of the best in the business. Feel the benefits as we fulfill all of your dental needs in one place – no referrals, just exceptional care!

"Great staff. Knowledgeable, friendly, and helpful. Highly recommend. Been coming for years. My fillings are great, and their appointment system sends text message reminders. Very convenient!"

Brad N. (Carol Stream Patient)

Our General Dentists

Providing Illinois dentistry that goes beyond the norm.

Dr. Peter Katris wearing a shirt and smiling
Dr. Peter Katris

Serving Carol Stream & Elgin.

Dr. Kim smiling in front of a background of trees
Dr. Amy Kim

Serving Carol Stream.

Dr. Timothy Hang wearing a shirt and tie while smiling
Dr. Timothy Hang

Serving Carol Stream & Elgin.

Dr. Safi smiling while wearing his dentist coat and standing outside
Dr. Abasin Safi

Serving Elgin.

Our In-House Specialists

Advanced healthcare for you and your family.
Dr. Slavin is outside and smiling while wearing a green t-shirt
Dr. Michael Slavin

Periodontist in Carol Stream & Elgin.

Dr. Valente is smiling while standing outside with nature
Dr. Rudolfo Valente

Board Certified Orthodontist in Carol Stream.

Dr. Johnny Kuttab hugging a young patient and smiling
Dr. Johnny Kuttab

Pediatric Dentist in Carol Stream & Elgin.

Dr. Jay Patel standing outside in front of our beautiful forest
Dr. Jay Patel

Orthodontist in Elgin.

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