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By Carol Stream Dental Associates
October 10, 2017
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Are your teeth misaligned or crowded? Are speaking and eating difficult for you? Are you reluctant to smile broadly in public? These orthodonticsproblems and more indicate a need for orthodontic evaluation and treatment. At Carol Stream and Elgin Dental Associates, the highly trained team and on-staff orthodontists, Dr. Jay Patel and Dr. Rudolfo Valente, offer children, teens and adults superior smile correction. Learn here how your smile may be telling you it needs help from your orthodontist in Carol Stream and Elgin, IL.

Beyond Hollywood

The American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry says that your smile gets noticed more than any other physical feature, including eye color and body shape. So it's no wonder you cover your crooked, gapped smile.

However, while smile aesthetics take an emotional toll, your misaligned teeth impact your oral health, too. For instance, if your teeth are crowded, they are harder to clean, a problem which leads to decay and gum disease.

Additionally, misaligned teeth cause:

  • Jaw pain (Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, or TMJ)
  • Uneven and premature wearing of tooth enamel and dental restorations such as crowns and fillings
  • Difficulties speaking, eating and even swallowing
  • Mouth breathing

If you or a family member experience one or more of these issues, you likely need orthodontic treatment. To find out for sure, see your orthodontist in Carol Stream and Elgin. He'll examine your teeth and gums, take oral impressions and X-rays and devise a treatment plan to straighten those teeth for best appearance and oral health.

What braces do

Both traditional metal and ceramic braces and clear plastic aligners, such as Invisalign, move crooked teeth into healthier, better functioning and more attractive positions. Besides addressing the above symptoms of smile dysfunction, braces of all kinds correct:

  • Protruding front teeth
  • Crowding
  • Gaps
  • Over and under bite
  • Open bite (teeth don't close together)
  • Upper and lower teeth which do not line up at the midline of the mouth
  • Teeth that are rotated or tipped forward or backward

While treatment times vary, your orthodontist in Carol Stream and Elgin changes a wide variety of smile problems. He tracks your progress, helps you with brushing and flossing properly, and recommends diet changes that help keep teeth and gums healthy as you wear your appliances. He also follows up with orthodontic patients, recommending retainers to keep teeth in their newly aligned positions for life.

Find out more

Does your smile appearance and oral function concern you? Perhaps you have a child or other loved one with dental alignment issues from thumb-sucking, oral trauma or hereditary factors. if so, why wait?

Contact the experts at Carol Stream and Elgin Dental Associates. They'll do a complete examination and make recommendations you can count on for a great smile. For the Carol Stream office, phone (630) 289-8899. For Elgin, call (847) 888-8282.

By Carol Stream Dental Associates
August 11, 2017
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Like others in his field of expertise, Dr. Johnny Kuttab, your pediatric dentist in Elgin, IL, will recommend that your child begin visits to pediatric dentistryComplete Dental Services soon after they cut their first teeth. It might seem too early, but there are several very good reasons why your infant needs to see a dentist. If you have a young child who hasn't yet seen a dentist, this is the post for you!

Establish a routine

By bringing your child to the dentist at an early age, you're helping them understand that these visits are a normal part of life. Older children who visit the dentist for the first time may be apprehensive, even fearful, of the new sights and sounds of a dental office, making the experience more difficult for everyone. You and your child will feel much more comfortable visiting your pediatric dentist if you start making their appointments a part of your family's routine when they're toddlers.

Learn best practices

Early visits to your Elgin pediatric dentist aren't just a learning experience for your children; you're bound to pick up some new tricks as well! Our helpful staff can give you suggestions on how to brush effectively, what brands and flavors children prefer, and any signs of problems you might encounter. Preventative care at home is imperative to good dental health.

Plan for the future

Over time, your children's teeth may show signs of misalignment. Rather than wait until they're older before deciding they might need braces, your pediatric dentist can start planning to help their teeth grow in the right way through spacers, extractions and other interventions. X-rays, taken once a year, are excellent in helping us diagnosing any future alignment problems.

The pediatric dentistry staff at Complete Dental Care in Elgin, IL is excited to work with your family. Contact us for an appointment today!

By Carol Stream Dental Associates
June 27, 2017
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Preventative care visits are an important part in maintaining your child's oral health. For proper tooth development and the prevention of pediatric dentistry, preventative dentistrytooth decay, fluoride is important. Tooth decay may still be a problem for many children because of their eating habits, particularly if they eat lots of sweets. This makes pediatric dentistry in Carol Stream and Elgin, Illinois from Carol Stream and Elgin Dental Associates that much more crucial. Regular dental examinations at a young age helps prevent future dental problems from happening at all.

Why is Pediatric Dentistry Important?

Fluoride is especially important as it helps to break down harmful bacteria that can lead to cavities or tooth decay. When there is fluoride in the mouth, it can harden the enamel and make it resistant to this bacteria. It can even help repair small cavities from forming at all. Dr. Katris can apply fluoride directly to the teeth. This pediatric dental procedure in Elgin is a great preventative procedure for children of all ages. It sits for a few minutes and has great results.

Dental sealants are another preventive measure that can be taken. The sealants help protect your child's teeth from decay, particularly the back teeth, that have rough surfaces that can trap food particles and bacteria. Children's teeth are also not as resistant as adult teeth to decay.

Regular dental exams and cleaning at an early age teach your child to trust their dentist and to get into a routine they will follow for a lifetime. To learn more about pediatric dentistry in Carol Stream and Elgin, Illinois from Carol Stream and Elgin Dental Associates, schedule an examination and cleaning today by calling (847) 888-8282 for our Elgin location and (630) 289-8899 for our Carol Stream location.We are ready and willing to help treat your child and keep their teeth and gums as healthy as possible.

March 27, 2017
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Even the most common dental issues can also cause further complications for your smile. Learn how to protect your smile from cavities!

A cavity is the most common dental problem that affects children and adults of all ages. Whether your general dentist has told you that you have a cavity or you are just trying to learn more about them, turn to your ????? dentist for the answers you need.Cavity

What is a cavity?

Often referred to as tooth decay, this problem causes holes to form in the enamel of your teeth. Cavities can range in sizes and can grow and become more severe if left untreated by your dentist.

What causes cavities?

A cavity forms when plaque forms on the teeth and isn’t properly removed through daily brushings. Sugar is the number-one culprit for causing cavities. Whenever you consume foods or drinks with sugar, the substance is converted into acid by the bacteria naturally growing in your mouth.

The acid is what eats away at healthy enamel. The more sugar you consume, the more acid attacks your beautiful smile undergoes. This will make you more susceptible to cavities.

What are the symptoms?

Unfortunately, not all cavities cause symptoms, so it can be difficult to know when there is a problem. That’s why it’s important to maintain those six-month visits to see your dentist, who can detect problems right away. Some signs that you may have a cavity include:

  • Dental pain
  • Tooth sensitivity
  • A black stain on your tooth
  • A hole in your tooth
What complications can arise if left untreated?

If you don’t visit your dentist for cavity treatment, this can cause serious issues for your smile in the long run. Some complications that can occur as a result of ignoring or leaving your cavity untreated include:

  • Chronic or severe dental pain
  • An abscess (an infected pus-like pocket that grows around the tooth)
  • Pain or problems chewing food
  • An increased risk for a cracked or broken tooth

If you don’t seek treatment right away, the cavity could cause damage to the point that the problem might not be reversible and the tooth will need to be removed and replaced with a dental restoration like an implant or dental bridge.

Cavities don’t have to be a serious problem. By coming in for those six-month dental exams, you can protect your teeth from common, but potentially serious dental issues like decay and gum disease. If you are overdue for your next cleaning and exam, then it’s time to call your preventive dentist today.

November 23, 2016
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Thanksgiving isn’t just about the food, it’s about expressing gratitude. We’re so grateful for each of you—our valued patients and friends. Because of you, we’re excited to come into work each day. Thank you for your kindness and the trust you place in our practice. Not only is it a time to share good company, it’s a time to share good food!

It’s Time To Share Our Favorite Thanksgiving Dishes!

Each family has their own signature dish they serve this time of year. Today, we’d like to share some of our team member’s favorites!

Liz, Shenika and Maribel agree, their favorite dish is the mashed potatoes.  From Maribel's words: “I love mashed potatoes! They are bad for your body but good for your soul!”

Amber just couldn't decide between two favorites; "It's probably a tie between stuffing and sweet potato casserole!"

Ann Marie prefers sweeter options, her favorite are pumpkin pie and corn bread.

Jackie's favorite is dish made by a special person; "Mine is always the stuffed mushrooms my grandma makes."

Vicky, Cristina and Anel agree, the best dish for Thanksgiving is definitely the Ham!

Denise likes the stuffing and Jessica prefers a savory piece of roast beef.

Elvira's favorite is the main Entre, the center piece, the Turkey!


Dr. Katris’ favorite is a special recipe that he would like to share with all of us.

Roasted Bourbon Sweet Potatoes quartered

3-4 sweet potatoes
1/4 stick of butter
3 TBSP coconut oil
1/3 cup maple syrup
1/3 cup bourbon
1/3 Tsp salt

Preheat oven to 425degrees
Mix all ingredients in a 9 X 11 Pyrex or Pan
Roast for 45 min or until golden brown and Enjoy!

Do you have a favorite holiday recipe? Feel free to share it with us on our Facebook page or in the comments below!

Have A Happy Thanksgiving!

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